MJN at International Jewellery London 2014

International Jewellery London 2014 will, once again, welcome members of Manchester Jewellers Network (MJN) at their new venue in the Olympia Exhibition Centre. Members of MJN will show their most exciting work to date on Stand R76 in the Design Section.

MJN Floor Plan

Gemma Scully uses sterling silver and gold to create jewellery which is inspired by the Chaos Theory, something that has fascinated her for years; the idea that small differences in initial conditions yield widely diverging outcomes. Through a process of hand casting, she is able to conduct her own research into this idea. Dropping varying amounts of molten silver and gold into different volumes of snow, ice, and water, she creates wildly different all one off casting that Gemma then designs around. Along with casting, Gemma also uses other techniques within her work, including Gold inlay, fusing, and fabrication.


Karin Sheldon draws inspiration from her industrial market town home and the visual stimuli of everyday life. Karin uses her own handmade 24ct Gold sheet, and heat fuses it to sterling silver in the ancient technique of Keum-Bo; she manipulates the surface of the metal to create abstract or narrative patterns. Karin also employs the technique of Mokume-Gane (Japanese for ‘wood-grained metal’ where contrasting metals are layered together before the pattern is revealed by cutting through these layers) in her work. Learning and being inspired by these ancient techniques find Karin’s work constantly evolving and changing.

Charlotte Verity’s latest collections are inspired by vibrant city lights at night. The jewellery combines precious metals, silver, and gold with handmade glass components and faceted stones. Charlotte blows miniature hollow glass components using a flame in a similar manner to glass bead making. Working with transparent glass allows for the transmission of light; these spherical bubbles or straight drops made from transparent glass tube are often filled with tiny, round, faceted laboratory grown stones, adding sparkle. These stones are created under intense heat and can therefore withstand the conditions as the vessel is returned to the flame for the sealing process.

Kate Wimbush constructs her figurative jewellery using traditional hand craft techniques combined with computer technology, highlighted with resin used as a cold enamel to add colour to the designs. Kate aims for precision and accuracy in her designs; she achieves this using laser technologies. All her work begins as a hand drawn design, which is then developed using digital processes. Kate is inspired by her life and memories, especially the ‘Great British Seaside’ and her love of all things miniature. Kate’s jewellery aims to bring sparkle, colour, and joy to everyday life and a smile to your face! New for 2014, Kate is expanding her use of colour to include semi precious gemstones.

The 2013 stand members felt that exhibiting on a shared stand at International Jewellery London would be the ideal step forward to reach a larger audience. The decision to have a large stand provided the best visual impact, attracting a lot of attention to this group of Jewellers and Silversmiths from the North of England. The Showcase scheme was very successful and has been oversubscribed this year. The MJN aim of encouraging new and young talent gives many members of the group the chance they need to ’test the water’ in London and internationally. So there will four main exhibitors (listed above) and 12 Showcase displays of work from both established makers and emerging makers, who can benefit from the mentoring from experienced MJN members during this big step in their careers.

We can now confirm that the Showcase Exhibitors are:

The MJN Jewellers exhibiting at IJL have careers varying from 6 years to nearly 40 years. Their combined experience, skill, and commitment, with very different design outlooks, will make for an interesting and diverse experience for buyers visiting Stand R76.

Manchester Jewellers Network was established in 2002. The group’s main aim is to support excellence in the field of jewellery, exchange ideas, and build a reputation though exhibiting together. At monthly meetings, members plan and discuss events, share ideas and knowledge, and most importantly, support and advise their peers to help ensure each members success. MJN provides a supportive environment for emerging jewellers to develop and show their work, and gives established makers a forum to extend their ranges and pursue fresh challenges.

Recently, 12 members put on a four-month ‘Once Upon a Time’ exhibition at the Royal Exchange, which then moved to Manchester Art Gallery Shop. Currently, with their exhibition in Manchester Art ‘Geometric’ Gallery shop, 16 MJN Jewellers are celebrating the beauty of Geometry and how it can inspire designs for jewellery of all varieties. The work shows a high standard of skill and commitment, in materials ranging from sterling silver through gold and diamonds, to wood, plastic, pearls, stones, and glass. Pieces made using traditional hand skills sit alongside those created using modern technology. The exhibitions are well received with requests for travelling exhibitions and follow-up displays.

Several projects are in the pipeline for 2015. Check out our Facebook page and Twitter for upcoming events!