Toby Cotterill
T: 07813015448

Driven by a passion for object making, my jewellery is inspired by the beauty, form and function in the natural world. Work develops from sketches and photographs, and evolves on the workbench using traditional silversmithing techniques. Forged silver forms, often articulated with handmade mechanisms and hinges, are combined with gold and resins to create lively, humorous pieces of wearable sculpture.

Arthropod! is my signature jewellery collection, a celebration of life on earth. Arthropods (insects, crustaceans and arachnids) account for about 80 % of all animal species, developing an incredible variety of design, structure and colour. My jewellery celebrates these fantastic creatures, imagining them evolving onto and around the human body. Alongside the ever growing group of Arthropods!, the collection features their undeveloped young, Podlings (rings), and unique one-off pieces.

My Cephalopod collection features wearable squares of solid silver, imprinted with an organic texture created by casting into cuttlefish bone. Available in oxidised silver or highlighted with coloured resins.